View From The UpperDeck #2

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Kind of Like Sports has returned after a long hiatus. With football season coming back strong I felt it was time to revive the old site. Sitting here in the upper deck I have noticed somethings in the sports landscape that needed to be talked about so here we are.

Was Cris Carter Wrong?

Cris Carter Rookie

Recently video surfaced from the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium where Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter can be seen giving the young men some controversial advice. This is a weird one where I don’t like Mr. Carter was wrong but I do feel like he was inappropriate. It was the wrong setting and obviously could interpret that he was encouraging bad behavior for new NFL players. Cris may have chosen his words better but in the day of the crew maybe one of them should be that guy.

Now of course I am talking within reason but there is no need to let the money man catch a weed charge and get suspended and lose a few games paychecks. That’s a job for one of the dudes who are just hanging around. Sometimes you can say the wrong things and be right at the same time. The NFL now has to pretend of course that they are appalled by what was said because of the media outrage. The league had a video of the speech up on their site for over a year until the incident. Honestly I believe Goodell’s Army wishes these guys would take Carter’s advice but that’s just not appropriate.

Vick Got Em Dog Mad

Steelers Vick

It’s now official Michael Vick is on an NFL roster. The former #1 pick has signed a one year deal with Pittsburgh Steeler to back up Ben Roethlisberger. Apparently this has some people up in arms because Vick’s dog fighting past. Despite serving time in prison and not getting in any legal trouble since his past transgressions seem to haunt him. It especially seemed to be a big deal with the prospect of him coming to the Steel City. It’s kind of ironic these fans were so outraged at the idea of a former dog fighter being their backup quarterback when the starter seems to have a problem with alleged sexual assaults. Funny how the same people can be comfortable with or just ignore crimes against woman but will protest over an animal.

Now I am not pro animal cruelty but I do value the human existence over that of dog. To call what Vick did despicable is an understatement but doesn’t compare to rape allegations in any way shape or form. Mind you I am only using the term alleged for legal reasons. If you have any questions about Big Ben’s problems with women read up on some of the accusations brought against him. So if we are going to mad and unforgiving lets be consistent.

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Keith B. Holt
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