The Falcons are Becoming Endangered

Falcons Panic

The NFL season has reached week 7 and it appears that the Atlanta Falcons are in a little bit of trouble. If this was supposed to be the rebound year, then somebody has taken the air out of the ball. Sitting at 2-4 with almost 40% completed the Falcons appear to be headed for another high 1st round draft pick.

Is it time for the Falcons to panic? Well look at the statistics. Teams that start at 2-4 since 1978 have only made it to the playoffs 13% of the time. Looking at the upcoming schedule the birds maybe cooked. Of the teams next 4 games 3 are on the road and the home game takes place in London. The only team with a losing record out of those teams is the Tampa Bay Bucs who probably want some serious payback from that beat down from earlier in the season.

The Falcons issues are obviously easy to diagnose and a lot harder to fix. They cannot produce any kind of pass rush on opposing quarterbacks. In a game against rookie Teddy Bridgewater earlier this season the Vikings rolled up 41 points on the Atlanta defense. The team has been described as having a great offense which appears to be an overstatement. They are a good offense with a suspect line and marginal running game.

Even if the offense was 35 point per game scoring unit that defense is terrible. Most teams that are stacked one side of the ball do something really well on the other side. The Ravens used to have dominant defenses but their offense didn’t make mistakes and had a strong run game. The Peyton Manning Colts and Aaron Rodgers Packers both scored high and rushed the passer well. This Falcons defense could become an historic worst before the end of the season.

If things don’t improve out at Flowery Branch there will be some heads rolling. There are not too many people in charge who can make a case for themselves the things are looking but let’s wait and see. There are 10 games left before we totally bury the Falcons but let it be known that the condition doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Written By
Keith B. Holt
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