Lebron Won’t Do Your Dunk Contest

Lebron Dunk 2

It seems like every year around NBA All-Star game time we hear the push for Lebron to enter the dunk contest. Each year fans are disappointed that the Heat star does not throw his hat in the ring. There will always be an expectation of a high flying player is in the 6ft 6in plus range to enter the contest. The comparisons of James to Michael Jordan are what mostly fuel the speculation. Unfortunately for the fans James will more than likely not enter the dunk contest and he probably shouldn’t.

If he was going to ever enter the competition it would have been at the beginning of his career. At this point there is nothing to gain for Lebron by entering the dunk contest. At best he can win and most of you will not be that impressed. If he loses to a lesser known player it will just be another thing to throw at him. Right now the speculation of what could be is the best thing for him. His legacy will not be defined by contest but by championship rings.