KLS NFL Mock Draft 2016 – Picks 1-10

NFL Draft

After missing 2015 its time to bring back the Kind of Like Sports Mock NFL Draft. Since any and everybody who talks about sports has one of these I felt like why not us. The 2014 process was fun and it really allows me time to take a real look at who has a chance of becoming a star in the league.

This year’s draft is very interesting as 2 teams traded up to the top picks so they can take less than stellar quarterbacks. Most people who evaluated the draft this year were not enamored with the current class of signal callers. The problem is that it is still the most important position on the field and teams feel like they have to try to get one any way they can.

So here is how we I think that the picks will playout assuming of course there are no more trades or a run on a particular position doesn’t start.

1. Rams – Carson Wentz (QB – North Dakota St)

Carson Wentz

The Rams have bet the farm to go up and get the number 1 pick in this year’s draft. Of course only do that to take a quarterback. Moving to LA the team wants to make a splash and they think this is the way to go. A team that is solid defense and has some quality position players on offense the idea is that they are a good QB away. The problem is that this year’s class may need more time than the Rams feel like they have.

The Rams take Wentz because he has the most upside of the top 2 prospects at the position. He will have to adjust to the speed of the NFL which maybe a higher jump coming from a FCS school. That being said Jeff Fisher’s biggest success came with a quarterback from a FCS school if you all remember Steve McNair. Fisher seems to like big athletic quarterbacks and Wentz fits that mold. The good news for Carson when he actually does hit the field is that he has the luxury of just handing off to Todd Gurley.

2. Eagles – Jared Goff (QB – California)

Jared Goff

Now the Eagles are an interesting case. They game Sam Bradford a boat load of money and then gave Chase Daniel 6 million a year to play back up. Drafting at the top of the 1st round will also cost the team a lot of money. They are looking at being over 30 million dollars of cap space dedicated to the quarterback position.

Welcome Jared Goff to the city of brotherly love. Goff could possibly take over the starting job early in the season. Maybe new head coach Doug Pederson can magic with rookie.

3. Chargers – Jalen Ramsey (FS – Florida State)

Jaylen Ramsey

The Chargers will probably stay at this pick unless they get a king’s ransom. The Chargers will go to their defense which has not been great for a while. Jalen Ramsey could fill the slot that was recently created by the departure of Eric Weddle. A versatile player who will play right away and may see time at corner and safety.

4. Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott (RB – Ohio State)

Ezeikel Elliott

Jerry Jones has not had a chance to make splash in the draft in a while but here it goes. Ezekiel Elliott is the best running back prospect in the draft and would fit right in with the Cowboys. Elliott will get a running back’s dream of a big strong offensive line that has been fortified by the team’s recent drafts. We couldn’t believe that Alfred Morris was the team’s long term answer to running back. Elliot has the body type and pass catching skills to be a good NFL running back that can play right away.

5. Jaguars – Laremy Tunsil (OT – Ole Miss)

Laremy Tunsil

The Jags will benefit from all of the major shuffling in the 1st round at the top. Former projected number 1 pick Tunsil will fall to Jacksonville and help solidify a line that will protect emerging quarterback Blake Bortles.

6. Ravens – DeForest Buckner (DE – Oregon)

Buckner 2

The Ravens don’t get to pick this high in the draft often. General Manager Ozzie Newsome wants this team back to competing for Superbowls and he is going do that with defense. With aging Terrell Suggs coming back from injury that Ravens will need some help with their pass rush now and going forward. Enter 6ft 7in Oregon DE DeForest Buckner with long wing span can be a nightmare for opposing linemen.

7. 49er – Myles Jack (LB – UCLA)

Myles Jack

The Chip Kelly era begins in San Francisco this year. Sitting at 7 they probably won’t reach for a quarterback and they still have a 12-million-dollar player at that position. The 49ers can boost their linebacker core with the athletic Myles Jack to play alongside NaVarro Bowman he could give defense an instant shot in the arm.

8. Browns – Jack Conklin (OT – Michigan State)

Jack Conklin

The Browns have to rebuild their offensive line that suffered from free agent departures. Jack Conklin would fill in just nicely on the opposite side of veteran Joe Thomas and could be his replacement in a few years. New head coach Hue Jackson hoping to live up to his quarterback guru status by rebuilding RGIII he will need to make sure his new project is protected.

9. Buccaneers – Vernon Hargreaves (CB – Florida)

Vernon Hargreaves

9. Tampa Bay is looking to take some steps forward and solidifying their defense could help them go a long way. In a pass happy league where you got 3 good quarterbacks in your division, Vernon Hargreaves can help strengthen your defensive back field. With the offseason addition of Brent Grimes the team could give themselves 2 bookend corners to take into the fall.

10. Giants – Ronnie Stanley (OT – Notre Dame)