Is Gurley’s Heisman Gone?

Todd Gurley

The University of Georgia football program currently does not know how long they will be without Todd Gurley. He still has not been reinstated by the NCAA after the school sat him down due to an alleged situation with Gurley possibly profiting off his own likeness. College football’s governing body still has not figured out their rules on matters like this are a little archaic. This year living in the Stone Age may cost a young man a chance at college football’s richest individual prize.

This week the University of Georgia finally got it together and applied for Gurley’s reinstatement but it maybe a little too late. The key now breaks down how he plays for the rest of the season and how the Heisman voters treat the suspension. A lot of the voters like to pretend of the so called purity of college sports and the belief that these young men and women should not benefit from their talent outside their scholarship.

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The levels of hypocrisy can be amazing to hear as guys like Herschel Walker, a former Heisman winner with a vote says that he will not vote for Gurley over this incident due to integrity issues. Not that the former University of Georgia’s running time in Athens didn’t have its own allegations. For the most part it’s not the former players who will ignore the on field accomplishments of a player but mainly the writers and media who vote for the award.

For some reason people romanticize what college sports is supposed to be and ignore rules that don’t make sense. Maybe Gurley sold his signature or maybe some people who came to the UGA fan day sold the posters he signed for thousands and thousands of fans. Either way this is not an issue or moral integrity. Maybe if he got caught selling drugs, beating up another student then we could have a character conversation. In this situation let’s have this award decided on the field.

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Keith B. Holt
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