Georgia’s Dilemma with Richt

Mark Richt

It seems like every year we end up at this point with Georgia football where the question comes is it time to let go of Mark Richt? If you have asked me in previous years I would have said of course not. The question that the Univeristy of Georgia is going to have to ask itself is what kind of football program do they want to have?

Mark Richt is a good football coach and will generally have a winning record your coach. What he will not do is win you a national championship. In a career that started out with a big bang in Athens has turned sour over the past few years. A man who won the SEC title in his 2nd season has had a lot of seasons finish in the Outback and Capital One Bowl recently.

The scary idea for the program and a lot of fans is who will take his spot? Good coaches are hard to come by and we has seen major programs regress after a coaching change. That being said maybe the Dawgs can find their Nick Saban or Urban Meyer if they cut ties with Richt.

The coach has been a great role model who is good for the community. He has shown to be a good recruiter and has brought a lot of talent into UGA. A new coach I believe would still be able bring in good talent in a state like Georgia where the talent pool is so deep. Also one area that Richt seem to has struggled in is bringing a quarterback.

Now of course he has had the Aaron Murray and Matthew Stafford but after these guys leave there is always a gap at the position. Richt also doesn’t have an open mind at the position where he will only embrace one type of quarterback. This is same man that wanted Cam Newton to play tight end and had Nick Marshall at defensive back. The multi-talented Deshaun Watson of Clemson is from nearby Gainesville, GA didn’t stay in the state because he knew he wouldn’t probably get a fair shot at the starting quarterback job.

This season has looked like the typical Georgia season where the team has had the loss against a talented big time team. Can anyone name the last signature win of the Mark Richt era? The loss to Alabama is not a surprise because big time games against big time coaches is not the strength of this coach. Then loss to Tennessee the following week goes to the usual let down of the season where the Bulldogs drop one to team they should beat. The Volunteers have loss to every reputable team on their schedule this season and down 24-3 to Georgia before the team let it go.

Now the Bulldogs are not a trash team and will probably win 9 ball games this season and finish out 9-3. That sounds like a good record but that is a consistent on for Georgia. It’s been 10 years since this school has seen an SEC title. To be fair that last title was one by Mark Richt but how long does he get to ride that early success before the school seriously looks at a possible regime change.

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