Fantasy Football Journal – Week 1

Julio Jones ATL

The opening week of Fantasy Football has completed and I am proud to say that I won the 1st game in all of my leagues. I did not realize that I was in 4 Fantasy Leagues this year but hey I am up for the challenge. There were not a lot of tweaks to the rosters and it appears that all is well that ends well.

Fantasy Week 1

The first week was interesting where in my Yahoo Leagues Julio Jones was responsible for the Ring Time Crew winning but almost cost KLS Media team the game because he was on the opposite side. Got feeling this won’t be the last time I have conflicting Julio feelings. I also see I need some running back help on 3 of my 4 teams. Hopefully acquiring DeAngelo Williams who the Steelers don’t mind giving the ball to will help out.

This week hopefully I will be able to keep my winning ways. I am not favored to win in either of the yahoo leagues by projections. Hopefully I will get some super games from my quarterbacks who none played bad but there were no superstar performances. Also got to hope that Demayius Thomas, Brandon Cooks and Lesean McCoy have much better games this week.

Week 2 Preview

The teams are all in good position to win this week. I will need a more than a few of the guys to outperform their expectations. Especially for the Ring Time Crew as we have a Tom Brady and Gronk coming against us this week. Let’s see how it plays out.

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Keith B. Holt
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