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Disgraced – Doc Suggestion

Disgraced Baylor

With the fast-paced world, we live in today where the news cycles are constantly flipping over the year 2003 can seem like forever ago. The people at Baylor University would love for you act like that year never happened. A university’s athletic program that is no stranger to scandal had one its worst PR crisis’s that year. Now you may be thinking what could be as bad as the current sexual assault allegations, well there is murder.

In the summer of 2003, Patrick Dennehy was a basketball player who was murdered by his teammate Carlton Dotson. Dotson shot him two times in the head in field where the men would practice shooting guns. That is just the beginning of this crazy story. Airing on the Showtime Network is a documentary called “Disgraced” that takes a look at how all this mess started and insane fallout afterwards.

What led a young man on the basketball team to kill? Well even after watching the documentary I am not sure if you get a clear answer. What we do learn is that a lot people around Baylor University wanted this to go away as soon as possible and every want to cover their own hind parts. This is especially true for Head Coach Dave Bliss.

Baylor Basketball

Coach Bliss was concerned with the NCAA finding out who was paying Dennehy’s tuition since he was not on scholarship. If it were not for help of an assistant coach with some integrity who knows what would have happened to Dennehy’s reputation. Disgraced takes us on a journey through that tumultuous summer where one player ends up dead and we wonder how fair the trial was for his killer.

This film digs deep into one of the biggest scandals ever in college sports. There are interviews with family members, former teammates, friends and local law enforcement. There are still a lot of questions about what exactly happened out in that field in Texas but what we do know is there were a lot of moving parts in Waco, Texas that wanted this story to die.

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